At Michael O’Grady & Co, we offer a range of professional services to our Credit Union clients. To truly succeed as a credit union, you must also seek out the best lending practices, manage interest-rate risk and uncover new opportunities. To accomplish this, you need more than just an accounting firm.

One key in your success is having an independent accounting firm -a trusted advisor- that understands credit unions and what makes them unique. we work with over 45 credit unions with total assets range from €10 million to more than €250 million.

Our Credit Union team will provide you with an informed, consistent approach to help you effectively manage any issues. The services that we offer to our Credit Union clients are:

  • Internal Audits
  • Outsourced Risk Management Officer (with CURMIS software)
  • Outsourced Compliance Officer
  • Loan impairment reviews (including the development of loan impairment provisioning policies)
  • Financial forecasting and analytical reviews